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Rakuhoku series-Rengeji temple

Nov 25.2019

What’s Rakuhoku?
Rakuhoku in the north-eastern part of Kyoto, and despite it has so many places to visit, it’s not one of the most popular destinations. Maybe because it is a bit further from the city center, but so as Arashiyama, which is crowded with people all year long. Somehow it’s temples and shrines, it’s beautiful nature is not getting as much attention as other parts of Kyoto. In our Rakuhoku series, we are going to introduce you to some of the best places you can spend your time at. Let’s start with Rengeji Temple.

How to get to Rengeji Temple?
Get on the bus no. 17, and explore Kyoto. The bus is running next to the Kamo river. When it reaches The Kamo river-Takano-river delta, it continues it’s way next to the Takano river, up to the north. This is where you find the Rengeji temple. Get off at Kanbashi bus stop. From there, you can enter the entrance of the temple.

The brief history of the temple
This temple was originally located at Shichijou Aburanokoji (close to present Kyoto station) but it was burnt down in the Ounin war (1467-1478). In 1662 it was rebuilt in its present place. It has a marvelous garden, but there are not too many visitors. You can sit down in the tatami-cowered open terrace, and just enjoy the view. In the spring, various birds are singing, in late
autumn, the maple leaves turn red and maybe the cat next door drops by too, to make it a perfect relaxing trip.

Rakuhoku series-Rengeji temple

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1 Kamitakano Hachimancho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 606-0065 Japan
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24 hours
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