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Short trip to the
Biwako Valley Terrace

Nov 26.2019

If you are tired of numerous temples and regular sightseeing in Kyoto, I suggest taking a half-day trip to the Biwako Valley in Shiga prefecture that is just less in an hour from Kyoto, a beautiful mountaintop with leisure activities and with a breathtaking scenery. Where you could have some quality family fun time or just a chilled and romantic afternoon.

Getting there
Take a JR Tokaido-Sanyo line to Shiga station from Kyoto. It will take around 30 min and costs only ¥590. Then hop on the bus (340 yen one way) going to the Biwako Valley Ropeway just outside the station. There are only few buses a day going there, so make sure to check the timetable beforehand. The trip up on the ropeway is super fun and according to them it is the fastest in Japan. The adult return fare is ¥2600.

The Main Terrace and around
Whilst going up, you can notice how big is the Biwako Lake, and it is hard to tell whether it is a part of some Japanese sea. It is incredibly impressive. On the summit there are two of Biwako Terraces, the Main one and the Café 360. Both locations offer different angles of views and you will need at least 2 to 6 hours to enjoy them without rushing.

Game area and amazing views from the Café 360
On the away to the Café 360 I strongly suggest walking up there, even the hill is a little steep, though they provide cable seats up for the extra price if you prefer. There are loads of different playground activities to enjoy on a way, such as badminton, ball games and swings and other creative stuff. In addition, in late spring you may run around the daffodil fields, take stunning pictures in a background of mountains too.
On the top, the 360 degrees views will be visible, and you can embrace the nature in all its glory.  The Kyoto City can be seen in a far distance, the whole lake shows up, and you may spot some people paragliding too.
On a sunny day is a pure pleasure to be there, so do not hesitate and visit this lovely place if you get a chance!

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