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Number of Years in Japan: 6.5
Having spent the majority of my twenties abroad, I am both a travel and foreign language enthusiast. Before moving to Tokyo, I lived and worked in rural Japan as an English teacher. This taught me a lot about Japanese language and culture. I hope to share my experiences with you whether this is your first time in Japan or if you’re a seasoned expat!

After studying abroad a year in Spain and graduating from university, I moved to Japan to become an English teacher in Kagawa Prefecture. I fell in love with Japan and its omotenashi, or hospitality, and decided to stay long term. During my time here, I’ve traveled all around the country. Not only have I had the opportunity to share my culture but also to learn about Japanese customs. I encourage you to get out there and explore Japan, especially the countryside! Enjoy your adventures, and we’ll be happily waiting at the front desk to hear about them when you return.

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