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Number of Years in Japan: 10
Namaste everyone, I am very delighted to introduce myself to anyone who is going through my profile.
I have been living in Japan for almost 10 years and still exploring this magnificent country every day.
I love meeting people from all around the globe and during these years I have traveled and lived in different locations in Japan.
I am happy to share my experience with you and hear your stories. “Enjoy the ride”

I am not a guy with many words but here is a short introduction of myself.
I like all the simple things in life such as watching the sunsets, sound of the rain, watching the waves of the ocean and watching the starry sky.
I enjoy a heartfelt conversation over coffee and reading good books. I am more of a wanderlust guy and been travel in and out of Japan.
I love playing guitar and singing. All time favorite band: Tool!! Love taking landscape pictures.
Recently I am hording crystals so if anyone is into it please let me know😊

Thank you!

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