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Tsukiji Market – Top6
Tsukiji Market Gourmet

Apr 20.2020

Tsukiji Market is one of Japan’s most iconic places to visit, especially for a food lovers. It is a Market that sell many variants of fresh foods, like fish, seafood, and many more. There are also many shops that sell street foods and drinks, and also restaurants that sell sushi, sashimi, wagyu, etc. Mostly the prices are cheaper than other places in Tokyo.

Tsukiji Market is located in the heart of central Tokyo, near the Ginza neighborhood, and Hamarikyu Garden.

During my visit to Tsukiji Market, I was guided by a Japan Wonder Travel. The tour guide of Japan Wonder Travel was very fluent in English, even the way they explain is very easy to understand. You do not need to worry if you could not speak Japanese, because the tour guide is very fluent in English.

Therefore, here is the list of foods or drinks that I would recommend if you are going to visit Tsukiji Market :

You should try it! TOP6 of what did I recommend.

No.1玉子焼 (Japanese Omelete)
Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelete) is a Japanese style omelet that is usually served for breakfast or use to be the menu of the Lunch box. The taste is sweeter than the common Omelete. The ingredients of Tamagoyaki are eggs, dashi, sugar, soy sauce, salt, shiso leaf, etc.  The texture of the omelet is very soft and thick. I would really recommend you try this Japanese omelet when you visit the Tsukiji market.

No.2 日本茶 (Green Tea)
Japan is well-known for its Tea, and one of its most famous traditional tea is Ocha (Green Tea). Japanese Green tea is the most common beverage that can be found in Japan, especially in Japanese Restaurants, vending machines, convenience stores, and also a supermarket. Ocha is also known for its benefits to our body’s health.

When I went to Tsukiji  Market, I visited a shop named Maruyama Nori. They sell a variety of Japanese Green tea and Nori. The staff gave us a sample of Japanese Green Tea (Ocha), and the taste was mild and refreshing.

3. 生鮪 (Tuna)
Maguro (tuna) is one of the most popular types of fish that used for sashimi or sushi. Depending on which part of Maguro (tuna) that being used, the name of  Maguro (tuna) will be different, such as : Chu-toro (fatty tuna), seShimo (mix of fat & less red), ho-toro (extra fatty tuna),  sekami (red fatty tuna), and senaka (red part).

NO.4 日本酒(Sake)
Sake is an alcoholic beverage that made from fermented rice and filtration, also  known as Nihon-shu (日本酒; meaning : Japanese liquor).

Sake has been made for over than 1000 years in Japan.
Generally, the alcoholic percentage of Sake is around 14%-16%.

The flavor of Sake is milder than the other Alcoholic drinks, and the aroma is also quieter.There are several types of Sake, which is Namazake (raw sake), Nigorizake (cloudy sake), Sparkling sake, Koshu (old sake), Jizake (local sake), and Amazake (sweet sake).


Sushi is a traditional Japanese food that made from sumeshi (vinegared rice), accompanying with a raw fish like salmon, tuna, and many kinds of seafood like crab meat (kani) , squid (ika) , eel (unagi) , scallop (hotate), octopus (tako), sea urchin (uni) and yellowtail (hamachi), also with vegetables, egg, and tropical fruits. It is usually served with soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi, and daikon radish.

Sushi is probably one of the most popular Japanese foods, and its popularity has spread in many countries.
There are many types of Sushi, such as Nigiri, Temaki, Makizushi, Gunkan Maki, Chirashizushi, Inarizushi, etc.

When I went to Tsukiji, I visited a Standing Sushi Bar name Sushi-cho, located just 1 minute by walking from Tsukiji Station. This restaurant is a standing Sushi Restaurant, where the customers standing at the Sushi counter to eat their Sushi. In my opinion, this is one of the best Sushi Restaurants that I have ever visited.

No.6薩摩揚 (Fried Fish Cake)
Japanese style fried fish cakes (commonly known as satsuma-age)  is a Japanese Style fried fish cake.
Fried fish cake (Satsuma age) are mainly made from minced fish, and mixed with vegetables, seasoning, egg flour, etc. The flavor of Fried fish cake is almost similar to one of Indonesian’s food, called “Bakwan”. The taste of this food is very tasty. I would recommend you to try this Fried Fish Cake when you visit Tsukiji Market.

Access to Tsukiji Market 

By Metro : – Tsukiji Station (using Hibiya Line) : 30 seconds by walking
– Tsukiji-shijo Station  (using Oedo Line) : 5 minutes by walking
– Higashi-ginza station (using Asakusa Line or Hibiya Line) : 7 minutes by walking


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