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Sushi performance at MIMARU Okachimachi

May 25.2020

 MIMARU Okachimachi has one of the special rooms where you can take part in a master class with a sushi chef. It was a truly unusual experience and this is the peculiarity of such an event.

Private and comfortable atmosphere with a sushi chef.
The action takes place in a hotel room and you are sitting at a large table, like in a high-class Japanese sushi restaurant,
behind which stands the most real sushi chef. A friendly and cozy atmosphere adds uniqueness to this event. 

Before dinner, the master asks in advance about the guests’ preferences regarding sushi. I was pleasantly surprised when the Japanese sushi chef began to speak English fluently, and then calmly changed the conversation into Chinese for the Chinese guest.

Preparation is like a ritual
The chef carefully prepares the working material in advance, the raw seafood is well selected, a perfect sharpened knife is ready, and one can only be surprised at how accurately and evenly he cuts the meat into almost perfect pieces.  

In Russia, eating raw fish is not ordinary, but in this situation, everything looks so clean and tidy that there is an interest in trying it out.   
The process of making sushi can be compared with a kind of priesthood.
This chef has his own style of making sushi, the presentation of each dish is an individual way and well thought out in advance. Every piece of sushi is unique! 

I first tried Temaki – these are small rolls wrapped in a nori leaf, inside there is a large amount of filling. You can eat them with your hands since it is impossible to do this using chopstick. 

Come to MIMARU and stay in the party room!
Well trained cooking technique and fruitful sushi-making experience turn simple ingredients into surprisingly delicious sushi. Although the Sushi performance has an extra fee and needs to make a reservation before 2~3 mouth.
However the Sushi performance was really amazing and interesting. 
You should try it. 

In this room, you also can cook by yourself with your friends and family to make a party time!

This article was published in May, 2020.

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