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New Zealand Café
Great Start to the Day

Nov 25.2019

New Zealand Café is only minutes away from MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka, and its one of my go to places for both a genuine coffee experience and great food.
With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy the aroma of AllPress Espresso while chatting with friends, or enjoy the sights and sounds of the Akasaka neighborhood over a Dad’s Pie.

Lamb Sandwich and New Zealand Style Ice Coffee
Working the morning shift at MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka, the number one question I am asked is “How did a Texan like you wind up in Japan??” The second most asked question is “Where can I get some good coffee?” The first answer involves a ninja and is way too complicated to answer in the early morning, but the second question has an easy three-word answer. New Zealand Café!

Open daily from 8:30am to 8:30pm, you can enjoy hand pressed coffee made from New Zealand’s very own AllPress Espresso beans, and popular New Zealand foodstuff. The first time I went, I immediately went for the Lamb Sandwich – I love lamb! What really caught my eye though was the New Zealand Style Ice Coffee. What is New Zealand Style Ice Coffee you ask? It’s AllPress Espresso over ice, sweetened with Manuka Honey, and a big ol’ scoop of hokey pokey ice cream on top!

Now, in Texas we always do the hokey pokey dance. We stick our right hand in and our right hand out, and we most definitely shake it all about. But I had never heard of hokey pokey ice cream before. Turns out, its vanilla ice cream with honey comb in it! A big scoop of it goes right on top of your coffee and boy does it tastes great. Looking around the shop, you will also notice they sell a lot of honey products as well, and other New Zealand goods can be found on their second floor New Zealand gift shop.

Dad’s Pie and Kiwi Juice
Coming from the USA, I’ve had Chicken Pot Pies, Pumpkin Pies, and of course Apple Pies. Now, thanks to New Zealand Café, I can add Dad’s Pie to that list! Another New Zealand food they serve, and this one is my favorite, is a delicious meat pie with tomato sauce on top! You can get it with a salad too! Every bite has a bit of flakey crust, savory meat, and sweet and sour tomato sauce.
Perhaps you visit New Zealand Café in the evening and aren’t in the mood for a caffeine kick, or you’re not quite on board the coffee train yet. Don’t worry! They offer a multitude of other things, like juices, smoothies, hot chocolate, and even New Zealand beer for adults who want to wind down after a day out in the bustling city. I usually go with the Kiwi Juice, as I love Kiwis. Does anyone else eat the skin off Kiwis by the way? Is that even safe? People always look at me weird, but like I said, I love kiwis! Inside and out!

Lunch Special Sandwiches are a must!

Another great thing about New Zealand Café is it’s lunch special homemade sandwich plate. Since the sandwiches change daily, you will never get the same one twice. And they are all homemade. From BLTs to Spam and Egg, Hamburger Steak to Fried chicken. The ingredients are endless. If you aren’t in the mood for the soup and salad that come with the lunch special, you can also opt for a full-size sandwich instead and double the enjoyment.

The love and care the staff put into each meal and drink is wonderful as well. You’ll look over your shoulder to see if your meal is ready and see them meticulously adding tomato sauce to the top of your pie, or working on the perfect balance of salad to sandwich ratio. Chatting with them is always a joy as well as they are super friendly. Their love for New Zealand is apparent in everything they do. Even if you aren’t from New Zealand, they are always interested to hear where you are from.

Next time you’re at MIMARU Tokyo Akakasa, just ask me which way to New Zealand Café and I’ll point you in the right direction…which is left! Located under the big New Zealand Gift Shop sign, you can’t miss it! Be sure to hello to Jimmy Hajime, the manager, for me!

New Zealand Café

Open hours
8:30am to 8:30pm
6-3-15 J-AKASAKAビル1F (1.02 mi) Minato 107-0052
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