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Private Sushi Dining Experience at MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi

May 25.2020

Welcome to MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi, a hotel located in Ueno on the eastern side of Tokyo! It has a very special 75 m² (approx. 800 ft²) room which is equipped with a spacious kitchen and sushi counter where you can enjoy cooking with your family and friends. So, while you’re in Japan, why not trying a private sushi dining experience and booking a dinner with a professional sushi chef? 

Professional sushi chef preparing sushi at MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi

Private and comfortable atmosphere with an authentic sushi chef.

Booking MIMARU Okachimachi’s Party Room is just like staying in a high-class Japanese sushi restaurant, but cozier and way more relaxed. The sushi experience begins with the guests taking their seats at the long, narrow sushi counter which comes with the room, where they face the chef who prepares sushi before them. This is because sushi is a dining experience, and is not just about the food itself; it is a whole journey where you get to see the sushi-making process right before your eyes.

Before dinner, the master chef asks in advance about the guests’ preferences regarding sushi. I was pleasantly surprised when the Japanese sushi chef began to speak English fluently, and then subtly switched to Chinese for the Chinese guests present when I personally booked the room.

Sushi experience in Tokyo at Apartment Hotel MIMARU

Ritual-like preparation.

The chef prepares the ingredients and the utensils in advance. He carefully selects each piece of raw fish and the right knifes depending on what he’s preparing. One can only be surprised at how accurately and evenly he cuts the meat into perfect, bite-sized pieces.  

In Russia, eating raw fish is not common at all…but in this case, the preparation process is so clean and the food is absolutely delicious that I couldn’t resist to eat every piece put in front of me – not even for a second!

Sushi prepared in Tokyo in Sushi Room at MIMARU Hotels

The sushi-making process is very similar to becoming a priest. Not only are sushi chefs trained with discipline for as long as ten years, but the preparation process is quite ritualistic in itself. The master follows specific steps to cook the rice, slice each cut of fish, and assemble the sushi into a neat package.
Nonetheless, every chef has their own style. The presentation of each dish expresses the chef’s individual technique as well as their tastes, and is well thought out in advance. Every piece of sushi is unique! 

My favorite was temaki – small rolls wrapped in a seaweed with a hand-sized portion of rice and fish. You can eat them with your hands since temaki are too big to use chopsticks.


Sushi at MIMARU Hotels - tuna, salmon, egg, wasabi

My favourite was temaki – small rolls wrapped in a nori leaf with a large amount of filling of rice and fish. You can eat them with your hands since it is impossible to do this using chopsticks.

Come to MIMARU and stay in their Party Room!

It was incredible to see how such simple ingredients were combined to create such delicious, perfect pieces of sushi. Dining at a high-end sushi restaurants, especially with kids, can be a stressful experience, and you might not feel at ease in such a formal environment – especially as an international visitor. That’s why at MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi, you can have the same top-quality experience in the safe and cozy environment of your guestroom surrounded by the people you love.

You can reserve the party room on our official website by selecting the UENO OKACHIMACHI tab from the booking page. Be sure to inquire a few months in advance to reserve a professional sushi chef, as this service is not included in the price of the room.

Even if you don’t book the special sushi course, the Party Room is also perfect for other family gatherings for any occasion!

High-class sushi at MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi

This article was published in May, 2020.

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