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Zauo: Go Fishing and Eat What You Catch in Tokyo

Mar 29.2020

Zauo fishing restaurant is what you would call a restaurant with a twist, where you get to choose and catch the fish you want to eat. Fish are displayed in large water tanks, and once you decide what fish to target, you will be provided with a fishing rod and bait to start fishing inside the restaurant!

Zauo - The fish we caught

You can choose amongst many different kinds of fish, like red snappers, horse mackerels, prawns, and even abalone. The staff will assist you if you’re having a hard time catching your fish and getting hungry! 


Zauo in Japan and abroad!
Zauo is a chain restaurant, and the main branch is located in Fukuoka. Since it became very popular, you can also find Zauo all over Japan and even in New York! I went to a Zauo located in Shibuya where I made a reservation in advance. You can easily book in English through their website. I booked their Fishing Set, which includes three fishing tickets per person. After a small appetizer, it was time to start fishing!

Zauo - Menu and Tickets

Different types of fish require a different amount of fishing tickets. The higher the type and quality of the fish, the larger amount of fishing tickets will be required. You pay with your fishing tickets if you have purchased the Fishing Set, or if you do not want to book the Fishing Set, you can catch the fish you want and pay the price listed on their menu.

Pro-tip: if you succeed at catching your own fish, you’ll get a discount! For example, the regular price of a red snapper is 3,800 yen, but if you catch it, you only pay 2,950 yen. 

“How would you like your fish, sir?”
After you catch your favorite fish, you hand it to the staff and tell them how you do would like it to be prepared! You can choose between many cooking styles: grilled, boiled, deep-fried, or even made into sushi/sashimi. Decide for the whole fish or have each of the fillets cooked in different ways.


We got shrimp and we chose tempura (deep fried) for one and sashimi for the other. 

Zauo - Yummy fish

The parts you can’t eat, such as head and bones, are then simmered with soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sometimes vegetables to make a yummy soup. You can also try deep-fried bone crackers made from flounder and horse mackerel after you finish the main dishes.

If you are looking for a fun, unique dining experience great for both couples and friends, give Zauo fishing restaurant a try!

Information as of March 13, 2020

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