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Kominato Railway

Nov 16.2019

Leaving central Tokyo, a rural railway called Kominato can be found in Chiba Prefecture. By taking this train, you can experience a breathtaking view of canola blossoms.

Kominato Railway

Enjoy the Japanese countryside and be immersed in the scenery

Kominato Railway is in Chiba prefecture, which is located right outside of Tokyo and boasts a beautiful landscape.
It starts from Goi Station, which is so small in comparison to the busy stations in Tokyo. Here, you’ll find only a small train stops at the station.

The train itself is painted in charming shades of red and yellow. If you go there on weekdays, you will find only a few passengers on board. This train is known for its iconic image of it passing through the canola flower fields, and while onboard you can view the rural Japanese landscape.

The conductor will slow the train down when passing through the canola fields, giving you a great opportunity to take stunning pictures of the scenery. Since this is a popular photo destination, you’ll notice photographers standing along the railway taking pictures of the train you’re riding! It’s quite amusing to think that you’ll be a part of one another’s photos.


Kominato Railway - flowers

Visit a popular filming location & hot spring on the same day

The Konamito Railway is also famous as a filming location for many commercials, music videos, and dramas. One of the most famous stations is called Kazusa-ushiku, where YUI filmed her music video for her song “Tokyo.” Another station Kazusa-Tsurumi is where ARASHI, one of the biggest music icons in Japan, shot the cover photo for one of their albums. You can even find a seat there with a marker stating, “A member of SMAP sat here.”

If you feel tired after your trip, Yoro-Keikoku Station would be a good stop for you to relax. This place is famous for its hot spring, where you can also enjoy barbecuing and camping.

Kominato Railway - A member of SMAP sat here

▲The marker reads, “A member of SMAP sat here.”

Yorokei-koko Station

▲Yoro-Keikoku Station

Kazusa-Nakano Station

▲Kazusa-Nakano Station – starting point of the Izumi Railway

Other Information

1.Kazusa-Nakano is the last station on the Kominato Railway, but also the first station of Izumi Railway. Be sure to check out both if have enough time!
2. You can currently reserve a private car on the Kominato Railway

(Information as of March 13, 2020).


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Kominato Railway