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One of a Kind Soba-making Experience

Dec 10.2019


Ever wanted to learn how to make soba noodles(buckwheat noodles)? Not just ordinary soba but the best, taught by one of the greatest chefs, Akila Inouye, in Tokyo. Akila has mentored numerous students – three of which have won Michelin stars and are currently running their own restaurants. At present, he’s in charge of Tsukiji Soba Academy near Tsukiji Fish Market. He has also written many culinary books in Japanese.

For more information about Akila and his academy, check out his website: 

Since his classes are child-friendly, why don’t you stop by with your kids? 

Let’s talk about the soba-making lesson from start to finish! The experience takes about 3 hours and costs 30,000 yen (plus tax). The price includes all the seasonal ingredients you needspecial dipping sauce, and explanations in both English and Japanese. There is also a vegetarian option for only 1,000 JPY extra. The class includes all-you-can-eat soba noodles made by Akila himself as well as extra to take home from your first handmade soba experience! 

Our MIMARU staff participated in the soba lesson and really enjoyed it! There were about 10 of us in total. The lesson was held both in Japanese and English. Akilas explanation was very easy to understand, direct, and to the point. He started off with a brief history of soba and then explained how to make healthy soba from scratch. 

Getting started, I didn’t know making soba dough was difficult until I joined the classbut Akila was very patient and took his time explaining things until we were able to finish making itAt first, we watched Akila’s demonstration on kneading the dough and cutting it into soba noodles. Then it was our turnIt didn’t take long to make with Akila’s help. 


Finally, after preparing the soba noodles, it was time to boil them and clean them in cold water to give it an extra smooth texture. We followed Akila’s instructions and – bam! We successfully completed our first handmade soba experience! We were very eager to try the soba after our hard work. Overall, it turned out great and paired well with the special dipping soba made by Akila. We enjoyed eating soba as we chatted. It was a very memorable experience – plus we learned how to make authentic soba noodles! So, if you guys want to make soba with your family and friends, we highly recommend it!!! 




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