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Recommended The Imperial Palace Running Route in Tokyo

Feb 11.2020


If you’re obsessed with running and wish to keep up with it even during your holiday, I really recommend the Imperial Palace route in downtown Tokyo! The 5km (3 mile) circuit around the Imperial Palace is just the right length for a quick run and offers a stunning view – which is why it’s very popular amongst Tokyoites! Did you know that Emperor Naruhito often jogs around here as well?! Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse while you’re here?!


The perfectly route for you! 

Start your run from either MIMARU Tokyo Ginza EAST or MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori. Tokyo Station will be to your right as you enter the Imperial Palace grounds. This part of the course is rather flat. Follow the other runners, and continue jogging around the Imperial Palace and garden counterclockwise. When you see the British Embassy on your right, you will have reached the highest point of the course, congratulations! Next, you will be treated to a view of some famous cherry blossom trees around Marunouchi and Ginza.


Tokyo Imperial Palace

Nearby Facilities 

Tokyo Imperial Palace - water fountain

You will be able to find drinking fountains and restrooms all around the palace grounds, however, there are no vending machines or convenience stores along this route. Make sure to bring a reusable bottle and other things you may need with you. In the off chance that you get lost or are in need of assistance, there are several koban police stations in the area.


PRO TIP: The hours leading up to sunset are the most popular among runners who frequent this route!

Imperial Palace - Running at sunset


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Tokyo Imperial Palace Running Route