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Night view of Tokyo!
Let’s ride the Yumemizuki!

Mar 24.2020

Adventure by night on the Sumida River!
What comes to your mind when you think of night activities in Tokyo? Enjoying the night view from the Tokyo Tower? Going bar hopping in Roppongi? What about enjoying Tokyo night view from a boat?  Yakatabune (屋形船) is an unique Japanese-style wooden tour boat on which you can have a party while sailing a river. I would like to introduce the Yakatabune named Yumemizuki 夢観月, where you can have some drinks, eat some delicious food while having the best view of Tokyo!

The antique houseboat Yumemizuki 夢観月
Yumemizuki is a sightseeing boat driving on the Sumida River. Inside the Yumemizuki you can take a window-facing seat with an ocean view. The day and night tour takes about 60-90 minutes. During the trip, you will have a breathtaking view of the Tokyo Tower, the Sky Tree, and the Rainbow Bridge, all introduced by the Staff. And even if you do not understand Japanese, it all be written on a Display. And if you want to use the restroom, do not worry! There is a small one on the ship! Also, an air-condition for warmer seasons or a heater for winter! Since the Yumemizuki is floating on the waveless Sumida River you can have a wonderful time with the whole family!

Enjoy both scenery and seasonal cuisine!
At the Yumemitsuki you can enjoy not only the stunning view but also the seasonal Japanese dishes! This time, I chose Sukiyaki Beto すき焼き弁当, a classic Japanese dish. I enjoyed the delicious ingredients themselves and the sweetness of the Sukiyaki beef. The traditional package took also its part! Japanese bento boxes (lunch boxes) are cold, but that keeps the food fresh. It was so delicious and nothing was missed!

Only for a limited time! The 2020 Olympic Symbol!
I was surprised to see the Olympic Symbol from so close! I took this picture from the Yumemitsuki floating upon the sea of Odaiba Kaihin Park on January 24, 2020. When I approached the Olympic Symbol, it was pure white!!! However, from a diagonal view, it turned into its true colors! That was very strange but also so impressive!

The Yuzukitsuki! Highly recommended for family’s (even with or without children), couples and friends! Just 15 minutes by train from MIMARU Hatchoborior only 4 minutes by train from MIMARU Tokyo Ginza East!

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