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Nov 16.2019

Leaving central Tokyo, the rural “Kominato railway”  brings you around Chiba Prefecture and you can admire the view and the fields of canola flowers through the windows.

The flowers are in full blossom between middle March and early April so we definitely recommend a day get away from the bustling metropolitan area if you`re visiting Japan in this period.

Enjoy the Japanese landscape and become part of the scenery
Kominato railway runs through Chiba prefecture which is regarded as a satellite area of Tokyo, where a lot of people decide to move and living despite working and commuting to Tokyo everyday, because of cheaper rent, its more relaxed life, green areas and landscape.
Kominato railway starts from Goi Station, a couple of stops after Chiba station, which is so different from the busy stations you can see in the Tokyo city: it`s very small and simple and it really feels like being in the middle of the countryside.

The train itself is very pretty, red and yellow color. The train is not super busy, especially if you go there on weekdays. The train that runs through canola fields has become a symbol of this railway line, but don`t worry, especially if you ride Kominato rail on weekdays it doesn`t get super busy. 

The driver will slow down a little when passing through canola fields, and this will be the perfect chance for you to take a good picture of the scenery. As this area is a famous photo spot, you will find  photographers standing along the railway taking pictures of the picturesque train immerged in yellow flowers! It is quite interesting that when you are taking a photo of the field, you have already been a part of other people’s photos at the same time. While you are enjoying the landscape from your seat at the same time you become part of the scenery being forever impressed in someone`s pictures and memories.


A Railway famous as a filming location and a Village famous for hot spring

The Konamito Railway is also famous as filming locations for many commercials, music videos, and dramas. One of the most famous stations is called Kazusa-ushiku, where YUI filmed her music video of the song [Tokyo]. Another station Kazusa-Tsurumi is where the Japanese top idol ARASHI took their cover photo of the album. You can even find a seat with a sticker saying, “a member of SMAP sit here before”.

If you feel tired after a day trip, Yoro-Keikoku station would be a good choice for you to relax. This place is famous for hot spring, where you can also enjoy the barbecue and camping.

▲The message shows that one of the Japanese celebrity set there

▲Yoro-Keikoku Station

▲Kazusa-Nakano Station-also the starting point of the Izumi Railway

1.Kazusa-Nakano is the last station of Kominato Railway, but also the first station of Izumi Railway, you can enjoy both if have enough time
2. The reservation service is available right now that you can reserve the whole car of Kominato train and enjoy the beautiful scenery with the beloved ones

Information as of March 13, 2020


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